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Pet-Friendly Restaurants Guide

From Animal Planet


A pet-friendly restaurant is a restaurant that has an outside seating area, one that's not fully enclosed. The restaurant owner must specify that pets are allowed on the patio or deck area. But that's it. If the patio, balcony or deck can be accessed only by steering through the restaurant interior, leave Fido at home. If you're not willing to sit outside, don't bother taking your pet out to dinner, unless you're in certain parts of Europe (notably France) or need assistance from a service animal, such as a guide dog.


Here are some etiquette rules you and your pet should follow when dining at Mountain Quail Cafe:


dog friendly dining image

Keep your animal leashed at all times.
No barking
No begging
No jumping
No eating off the table
No sitting on chairs, tables or benches
Do not enter the inside of the restaurant.
Current vaccination tags should be on pet's collar
Bring your own food dish and water bowl. Health codes prohibit pets from eating and drinking from restaurant dishes and glasses.
Get your pet to sit under or as close to the table base as possible to reduce the chances of your server tripping over your pet

Finding a Pet-friendly Restaurant Near You
The following websites can help you find pet-friendly places to eat in your neck of the woods: